Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update and Invisible Children's 25

Hey all,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy with homework, training, and being forgetful. I'm well on my way in a five-week fitness training schedule that started on March Break (two weeks ago for those of you who don't know when March Break is). I also turned 16 on March Break, and I plan on getting my G1 license on Thursday. I finally got my bike out on March Break about three times, so that was good. But really hard to do! So, this is probably long overdue, but the new rider who's not so new anymore is Abi Mahon. You can check out her blog at Abi's Blog.

If you've read some of my other blog posts you've probably heard of Invisible Children, the group that EPIC is touring for. Invisible Children has an event coming up called 25. It's called 25 because Joseph Kony has imposed a 25-year reign of terror in Africa, killing millions of people. Everyone participating in the event will be silent from 7pm on Sunday, April 24th to 8pm on Monday, April 25th. You can still text, write, type, whatever, just no talking to silently protest against Joseph Kony. Please join me at 25 to help raise awareness and speak out against terror. Another way to help is pledges. I am hoping to raise $200 for Invisible Children. Any money that you can give would be greatly appreciated, and you can either go to My 25 Fundraising Page or give me the money personally, and I will make sure to donate it myself.

Thank you and have a great day!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Training!!!

Hey everyone!
I just came back from provincials on Sunday, it was pretty fun. I got to see some of Ottawa, mostly just the Nepean Sportsplex, but still cool. If anyone's wondering, I did alright, and I beat a couple of personal best times. I have four weeks of really intense training coming up, with 18 hours of swimming over six days on March break. I also hope to get to the roads on my bike, provided winter doesn't have any more tricks up its sleeve. If it does, then I'll continue with my indoor workout schedule. I am also about to start a job as an Assistant Water Safety Instructor, basically assisting swimming lessons instructors with big classes, so that will take up a fair bit of my time. I rationalize because one of the first things I will buy with my income is a road racing bike! School's going great, as far as I can tell my average is still in the 90's.
That's about it. Hope whoever's reading this has a great day!