Monday, May 2, 2011

More Training :D

Hey everyone :)

So, the 25 event went pretty well, even though I broke my silence accidentally at least ten times. I'm pretty sure the other EPIC team members did quite well, though, and even after 25 was done I found myself trying to keep quiet even though I didn't have to. Over the Easter weekend I went out, bought a bike computer and looked at some racing bikes, since I desperately need a new one. I saw some pretty good bikes for really cheap.
I actually have got some biking in since I last posted. I biked about 17km on Saturday, and biked a bit in the past couple weeks, but nothing too spectacular. Thankfully, the weather is clearing up quite a bit and I will be out and about in the near future. I also just got a job three weeks ago, at John Dolson Pool. I work as an Assistant Water Safety Instructor, basically helping to teach swimming lessons with special needs children and big classes. However, this takes up a lot of my spare time and I now have no time to ride during the week, besides to and from school. I will be biking a lot more in the summer, hopefully.
I am also into triathlons, given my swimming and biking tendencies, so I will be competing in a couple of those during the summer, and I'm trying to see if I can get into the regional highschool triathlon, although I don't think our school is doing it this year.
Another thing I'm doing this summer is a missions trip in Honduras. I'll be teaching the Bible at a VBS, working in construction projects, evangelizing in the city, and visiting orphanages. It is going to be really fun, but it means missing two weeks of training. I'll probably end up running and working out there to keep up with training.
One more comment. The EPIC team has another new rider that we are excited to introduce, and that is Kelsey Garcia. Welcome to the team! Kelsey lives in BC and is a good friend of Abi's. There is more info on the Facebook page and our website, which is, about each of the team members and updates on what's happening with the team.

Anyways, thanks for reading :D