Monday, January 9, 2012

Update after 6 months :P

Hey Everyone!

I figured I should post on the blog again since I haven't posted for 6 months!! I wouldn't have been surprised to see dust and cobwebs when I logged on ;)

Anyways, it's been a rather slow six months for me in terms of training for EPIC. I didn't get much training done in the summer due to a couple of courses I had, some daycamps I volunteered at, and most importantly, a missions trip I went on to Honduras. Between those things I got some training, but not a lot. The lack of training in the summer, and the fact that I had no time to do anything last spring, because of swimming, I ended up quitting competitive swimming in late August. It took up too much time for me, and some of my friends considered me "inhuman" for doing everything that I did ;) It certainly was hectic!

The new school year led to more training compared to the amount of available time I had, which is somewhat surprising. I occasionally biked to and from school, and other facilities, and also did some weekend training as well, until it became too cold to bike with the gear available to me. I don't have any biking clothes of any sort, so it's kind of hard to ride in cold weather without gloves :) I also participated in the Ride for Refuge 2011, at the beginning of October, and that was definitely an interesting experience ;) With a lot of wind blowing about, I tired myself out relatively quickly, and even managed to get blown off my bike at one point when my forearms gave out! However, through the pain and cold, we managed to finish triumphant, only an hour and a half slower than Dave biked, up in Ottawa ;)

So this year I plan on biking to school a lot more, and also doing a bit of training outside of that, increasingly so as the weather warms up. I managed to get a spare first thing in the morning next semester, even though I'm in Grade 11, to cope with my ever-increasing workload. That will definitely help with morning workouts and bike rides! I will also continue my workouts at home, which will keep up my fitness. I don't really know what else to say, except that I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!