Friday, January 28, 2011

Training update

Hey all,

I figured that since it's been another week since I last updated, I might as well update everyone on what's happening. I haven't done much for training this week, missing three workouts because of reasons related to exams, but the training that I have done has been hard. I had my first swim meet in 2 months on Saturday, and it went pretty well, but it clearly highlighted the areas I need to work on such as sprinting. I am recovering well from not practicing very hard in December due to injury and other things, but I still need to do a lot of work.
Now that exams are over, I can get back to working hard for swimming and biking. As January comes to a close I am continually reminded that the weather will clear up soon and I need to get biking. However, next semester is going to be fairly hard with english, math, and gr. 11 anthro/psych/soc and chemistry, so I will be struggling to find time for extra workouts.

That's about it, thanks for reading,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Week

Well, in the title I said it was a new week, but really that's not true because it's a Thursday.
However, it has been a week since my last post.
My body has slightly adapted to 2-3 workouts per day, but I am extremely tired and sore from this week.
On Monday, I went into the weight room at school with Evan Redka and tired out a bunch of important upper body muscles for swimming, and as a result the next 4 swimming practices were really painful.
Anyways, enough with the complaining.
You might think that as exams are coming up I should take time off to study, however, the only workouts I'm missing are the ones at school because I won't be there. Anyways, North Americans waste way too much time on entertainment when they could be doing work, so I will take half an hour or so out of this entertainment time to study the night before my exam. I do have Western Regional Swimming Championships next weekend and a small swim meet this Saturday, so those affect my workouts because the day before is devoted to racing preparation and pace work.
Fun fact: Provincials for swimming are in one month!
Keep you updated,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Workout progress!! :D

Ok, well since January 2nd I've done 14 workouts, including 3 separate ones today, so I'm a little tired right now. However, obviously good things are coming out of it and I can tell the difference in my strength between then and now. Most of my workouts have been swimming, although I got on the stationary bike at school twice last week. I am planning to workout with Evan, another member of the team, on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch and probably also do a solitary workout on Wednesdays at lunch. I also do swimming practices every day after school, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. As a competitive swimmer I also frequently go to weekend swim meets. My swimming practices are mainly cardio, some strength/speed, a bit of technique, and occasionally fun stuff. If anyone wants more information about my workouts, you can contact me on Facebook, email to, or comment on the blog. I haven't heard anything more about the trip, except that we got in contact with Cambridge Cycle about bikes. I plan on posting every week on the blog about new updates and workout stuff.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Intro to my life and EPIC

Hi, I'm Luke Lewis. I recently joined EPIC(Enthusiastically Pedalling for Invisible Children), which is a cross-Canada bike tour to raise awareness and funds for Invisible Children. This tour is going to happen in the summer of 2013.
My training right now consists of swimming 8 times a week, and dryland workouts in the weight room at school during lunch. I plan on joining a biking group in the spring where I can get some professional coaching or tips about group-biking and tours. I also did a lot of biking last summer which is a good start to my training.
I am really excited about joining EPIC and I hope to inform readers about the training and preparations I am doing for this trip.

Happy New Year!