Friday, June 17, 2011

Training :)

Hey everyone,

I've been training a lot in the past month and I'm definitely making some progress. Since May 15th I've ridden about 320km, and this week I've ridden around 50km, going another 50 tomorrow. Exciting stuff! In the summer I'll probably ride 20-80km per day, because I don't really have anything else to do.
I'm also involved in a missions trip, a daycamp, and a couple of weekend courses during the summer, so I'm away a lot. The team is looking at getting a couple of rides in together during the summer to get used to group cycling, and maybe a tiny road trip at the end of summer.
Exams are next week for highschool! I'm not really worried, but it opens up training opportunities since I won't be in school all day. Also, swimming training is going well, and that's great cross-training for cycling.
Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement that you've given me. :) It really helps when you're down in the dumps and don't want to keep going.
Anyways, it looks like next school year I am still going to be able to train a couple times per week, so that's good, but I'm taking up a lot more responsibility in every aspect of my life, so it will be hard to keep up the training, especially as winter settles in.
Thanks for reading,
have a great day :)